Symphony Sumo-J Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Review

Unlike most people, I prefer to use an evaporative cooler instead of a portable air conditioner because I live in an area where the weather is always dry. Evaporative coolers are so amazing (speaking from my past 10 years of experience), especially where I live because evaporative coolers add humidity to the room. On the other hand, portable air conditioners remove humidity. That wouldn’t work where I live because it’d be even more dry!

So two weeks ago, my 5-year-old swamp cooler broke and I started to look online and in stores for one that was better and would last me longer. I found the Symphony Sumo-J portable evaporative cooler, so I started to look for information on that. Air & Water provided the most information, as well as the most informative information. However, I found the lowest price on

I got it after about a week, and I’m pretty happy so far! The unit is working well. It says on Air-N-Water that the unit is best suited for areas approximately 300 square feet in size – which my room is. It comes with 3 speeds, too, so that makes me happy. I plan to use this as a humidifier only once the winter comes. It’ll be very handy. I don’t think I’ll see a huge spike in my energy bill, either, since the unit only uses 150 W. It’s also very easy to clean. The grill slides right out and right back in when I’m done. The only thing is that this unit is actually kind of loud. However, I’m rather used to it, seeing as my older one was louder. Great product!

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